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Itinerary - Hawaii

Hawaii Itinerary

Initiatory journey to sacred places in Hawaii the "Big Island", the Root Chakra of the Earth


Here is the price list of rooms for the initiatory journey of seven days intensive.

  1. Private room (with toilet) - Cost $2,500 - 2 bedrooms only
  2. Semi Private room (with shared toilet) - Cost $2,300 - 4 bedrooms only

*** The above price is for double occupancy / Additional charge for single occupancy ***

Group of 12 people.

Sample itinerary:

Day 1
  • Departure from your country via the recommended flight itinerary Anuradha shall provide.
  • Arrival at the Hilo airport, Anuradha shall host the group with traditional garlands.
  • 30 min drive to reach the "Kahuna Falls" Center located in Hakalau (near Hilo).
  • We have our own private retreat center located on the top of the Kahuna Fall, surrounded by pristine beauty.
Day 2
  • * Morning Ceremony
  • Chakra realignment with Anuradha - purification bath in the waterfalls Kahuna
  • In the evening we will go to the watch the hair of the Goddess Pele, make a connection with the ocean and basking in the spectacle of creation.
  • Ceremony for the Muladhara Chakra and the Svadhisthana Chakra.
Day 3
  • * Morning Ceremony
  • Hike down into the Valley of the Kings of Hawaii (Waipio Valley), we will walk for more than four hours in the valley – the most magical and intense place you may ever see.
  • We will go to "Tabu" sites where we will generate clean energy and engage in purification ceremonies.
  • We will walk on the path of the kings to the waterfalls of the 7 Chakras, and for those who wish to climb, we'll take a holy dip in the 4th pool, which is known as the heart Chakra bath. The legend says that the Shark God lives there and that is no bottom to this pool, like the Heart Chakra. The journey will be full of legends and magic.
Day 4
  • * Morning Ceremony
  • Dance of 4 directions
  • Departure to the Mauna Lani the picco, umbilical center of all the Island, the energy point of all 5 sacred mountains of Hawaii.
  • We shall do an ancient healing ceremony with a real Kahuna, Danny Aka.
  • Prayer and healing.
  • Peace Ceremony at Puukohola Heiau for the God of War Kukailimoku Heilau & visit to the ancient Hawaiian villages, and we will see ancient sites with hieroglyphs – We will then rest and relax on the beach.
Day 5
  • Swimming and communion with dolphins and whales on our own private boat, including traditional Hawaiian songs of thanks – Afternoon.
  • Rest and relax on the beach.
Day 6
  • * Morning Ceremony
  • Visit lava tubes – Kaumana is 30km long – we will engage in regression and internalization.
  • Upon our return to the center, rooting ceremony to connect with Mother Earth.
  • In the afternoon we shall do Watsu regression bathing in the sacred natural salted hot waters, an experience that will heal any old wound.
Day 7
  • Farewell ceremony with the sacred circle
  • Excursion by car to the top of the highest mountain in the World: Mauna Kea – connect with Celestial Roots.
  • Departure for your country in the evening.


Regarding options with *:
* 7:30-9 am Hatha Yoga, then Prana Yoga, and then Japa Yoga offered by Anuradha dasi

All meals are vegetarian
3 meals per day (note: times vary depending on the activities of the day)

  • Lunch: 9:30am
  • Dinner at 1pm
  • Dinner at 6 pm



  • We will stay for 7 nights at the "Kahuna Falls" Center, on the most magical site of all the Islands.
  • We are at the top of one of the highest waterfall in Hawaii Kahuna Falls, surrounded by magic and healing space.
  • Everyone can go swimming in the waterfalls at any time of day.
  • The center has 7 bedrooms, 2 persons per bedroom.
  • You each have a single bed, and dresser/closet per person.
  • The showers and bathrooms may be shared depending on the room you have selected.
  • The center has a large hall for Yoga ceremonies in the morning, a large private kitchen, a large living room for the evening and for relaxation, and a large hall for meals.
  • The center is located on 100 acres with over 50 Macadamia trees (prestigious in Hawaii).
  • There are two large gardens, and the center overlooks the ocean.
  • There are waterfalls.
  • Everything is in nature, there are several ways to relax and be with yourself.

Your Guide

Anuradha has been organizing pilgrimages to sacred shrines across the world for over 10 years. As a certified Protravel agent, she works with the best travel carriers and services. For over 15 years, she has been a Professor of sacred songs and dance.

Why Hawaii?

For over eight years, Patrick and Anuradha offer concerts and workshops in Hawaii. In 2008 after taking part in ceremonies in Tahiti, the birthplace of the goddess of Hawaii "Pele" – Anuradha was inspired to take people on initiatory rooting journeys to reconnect with the Divine Mother. The volcanoes of Hawaii generate the most youthful earth matter in the world, which qualifies Hawaii as the Root Chakra of the Earth.

The trip includes the following (price of ticket separate):

  • Personalized itinerary and tours (see example above)
  • Accommodation at Kahuna Falls Center (2 people per room)
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary
  • Transportation to the sites listed in itinerary (and all entrance fees)
  • Guides and Drivers

The trip does not include:

  • The personal expenses
  • Tips for drivers, guides, etc..
  • The fuel surcharges or increases in taxes imposed by the government
  • Your travel for personal trips
  • Private treatments
  • Car rental for a day of private touring
  • Please note that this itinerary is subject to change depending on weather or other unforeseen circumstances.