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"Steeve and I would like to thank you again and again for this incredible voyage we have taken with you—the ultimate dream vacation. The details of this sublime retreat will embellish the memories of our powerful spiritual journey for a very long time."
- Hélène and Steeve

"Even after our return, we are still bathing in the divine sunshine rays of Hawai’i, despite the cold here in our own country. Thank you again and again—it’s been pure bliss traveling under your wings one more time."
- Monique Baril (Yoga Professor)

"Please continue your amazing services in awakening and elevating our spiritual beings. I am grateful to the divine source of light and energy, for they have placed you in my life’s path, and my dear Anuradha, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Raymond Cyr (Therapist)

"Thank you for this amazing pilgrimage—for all your attention to detail, for showing me your beautiful spirit, and for sharing your energizing laughter with me. Hawaii shall stay in my heart forever."
- Camille Schmiedel

"I would like to express how much I appreciated sharing this sacred voyage with you and all our companions. The quality of everyone’s presence and friendship was of the highest level. Thank you Anuradha for the depth of your teaching, for your impeccable organizational skills, and for the spiritual wealth of your very being. To Gordon, Anuradha’s partner, thank you for your devotion, your patience and your laughter. This voyage was, for me, one of the most spectacular in my life and has filled me with a lasting joy and gratitude. I am looking forward sharing in this experience again with all of my new friends."
- Lilly Bérubé (Essence Healer)


"A big thank you to Anuradha, our ray of light, who shines for all those she encounters. I have so much gratitude for all the sacred moments I have experienced in California—I do not know how I can thank you enough for everything you have done for us during our sacred pilgrimage. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team, for they performed exceptionally, always assisting us with pure love and joy. Logistically, everything was beyond perfect, from the preparation to post-reflection. As you mentioned in the itinerary, this trip has ended with me starting a new life, and I want to stay on this newfound wavelength forever."
- Yvan Caron

"Thank you again for the amazing way you made yourself fully available for the group needs at all times. Thank you for the magnificent life lessons, but more importantly, thank you for being a model of divine strength. I still cannot put words to all I have spiritually experienced during this journey, but I think it says something that, as of today, I am still chanting the Maha Mantra."
- Josée Marceau (Osteopath)

"It is very rare to travel with a group so elevated in spiritual frequency, and I feel privileged to have experienced the extraordinary moments we all shared. The private concert by Eric Berglund in his amazing angelic house was the highlight of my Mt. Shasta experience. I shall also always cherish our Healing encounter with Grace, Sharon and many other great souls. Thank you for sharing such divine harmony."
- Johanne St-Martin (Conférencière et Auteure Internationale)

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anuradha, as you are a source of spiritual inspiration. In you, I recognize a unique quality of being, one that is constantly serving the Eternal Source of Love."
- Denise St-Martel


"The amazing attention to detail you posses made the pilgrimage in India sublime, and we are grateful for the memory, which will stay with me forever. It was a great privilege sharing these sacred moments in your company at all those extremely sacred sites. I admire your grand spiritual and human knowledge. Life always brings us where we need to be and I will always be open to experience another sacred journey under your guidance. In India, I discovered a world full of customs that seemed so fresh and new, but I discovered that deep down, spiritual tradition is essentially the same in whatever faith. I truly know that my soul has resonated in harmony with extremely spiritual high frequencies, I am eternally grateful."
- Sylvia Perron

"This pilgrimage was priceless. Upon my return, I noticed that this sacred voyage opened my heart and exposed my inner temple to an unlimited fountain of divine, abundant love. This experience has awakened my heart and shown me a new path to real joy that connects me more and more to our sacred Mother Earth. I have no words to describe my immense gratitude for this sweet awakening, which would have never taken place without your vision, your determination, your listening, and your sweet receptivity combined with your sensitive creativity. I admire your generosity in sharing with us your journeys to India along with your lifelong connections to Saints and sacred sites—you give without expecting anything in return, and I am grateful for everything. On top of it all, I have made new lifelong friends throughout this pilgrimage that will be apart of my soul forever."
- Diane Teasdale (Sherbrooke)

"I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart—for the spiritual wealth you shared with us, for your unconditional love, and for your limitless compassion."
- Chantal Normand

"I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the unforgettable experiences you have shared with us. This pilgrimage was a journey to the deepest inner sanctum of my being. I am extremely grateful and deeply moved—your work is amazing! The world needs more people like you to elevate human consciousness, so we can all know who we truly are. Your presence and your teachings with stay in my heart forever. Again, thank you!"
- Suzanne Martel

"I would like to thank you for the way you interacted with the group throughout the entire pilgrimage—it is apparent in everything you do that you are an extraordinary woman with spirituality radiating from every cell of your being. To see you in action is witnessing the epitome of gracefulness, and it was absolutely divine to travel with you."
- Madeleine L’Italien

"Thank you again for this wonderful pilgrimage. Anuradha, you are in my heart forever. You are an extraordinary woman—so divine, gifted with boundless energy, with humor that can make us smile unconditionally, and with the strongest mental clarity. Your hospitality trumped it all. Namaste!"
- Hélène Lauzé (Yoga Teacher)

"Back for over a week now, I am still adjusting and integrating this grand, life-changing experience. This was a voyage to the heart of the heart… a unique opportunity to reconnect with the essence of my life, being an artisan of consciousness and a servant of Love."
- Lilly Bérubé


"I feel privileged to have shared this sacred pilgrimage with both you and such an amazing group. I give thanks to the Divine—no words can properly express my gratitude, as I am certain you can understand, for you always understand everything related to the inner heart. Thank you for being part of my spiritual path!"
- Bertrande Gauthier (Energy Therapist)

"I would like to thank you for everything you have done, for me and for the group, during this exceptional voyage. The divine memories of this pilgrimage will stay with me forever."
Ginette Gibeault (Reflexology)